Welcome to Tourism Enterprise Company (SHAMS)

"Signature of Excellence"


At SHAMS our passion is to connect our guests to the very best of our destinations.

The Tourism Enterprise company (SHAMS) was established in 1991 with our first luxury property in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, near Al Khobar called, “The Palm Beach Resort”, which stretches along 1,300 meters of private beach with a total area of 550,000 Sq. Mtrs, combining unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features and add great services, the result is an unforgettable guest experience.

The Tourism Enterprise Company (SHAMS) is listed in TADAWUL (Saudi joint stock company) since 1996, with market capital value more than 340 Million Saudi Riyal. We are in the process of expanding and acquiring vertical business within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cosmopolitan cities, heritage destinations, uncharted beaches, and contemporary resort destinations.

Tourism Enterprise Company (SHAMS) open the doors of opportunity for the investors to be a part of our growing and ambitious expansion plan in the various business venture from B2B and B2C.